Track Referrals

Track referrals and sales in real time affiliate programme provides advanced tracking that ensures maximum reliability. For every tracked commission detailed information appears, including first and last click that led to the commission, IP address, and the page from which the user came to your website, all in real time.

Show Detailed Features

  • Unique Tracking System Combining Normal Cookies, Flash Cookies and IP Address Ensures Reliability
  • Unlimited Impressions, Clicks, Commissions
  • Full History of All Transactions
  • Configurable Cookie Lifetime
  • Powerful Automatized Fraud Protection Module
  • Detailed Tracking Debugging – For Troubleshooting
  • Refund & Chargeback Management (Pro dition)
  • Track Multiple Commissions in One all
  • Support For Tracking in Multiple Currencies (Pro Edition)
  • Manual or Automatic Commissions Approval
  • Lifetime Commissions (plugin)
  • GeoIP Tracking (plugin)
  • Various Other Plugins to Extend Tracking
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